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A huge thank you to all our Volunteers & Directors.  Your dedication to your communities and support of our Industry hasn't gone unnoticed.    A huge thank you to our participants who attended our Fairs & Exhibitions in 2022.  We now look forward in planning and developing our 2023 Season.  

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Board of Directors / Conseil d'administration
2022 - 2023

Dear Friends,


NB FAIRS & EXHIBTIONS  are an integral part of summer and fall here in New Brunswick and we are very excited to welcome everyone to continue the fun and building memories.     


Fairs are a tradition for many New Brunswickers, a way to celebrate our farmers and bring communities together.  However, it is prudent and responsible for all of us to continue to work with our officials within government and each and every representative from the different fairs and exhibitions around the province to ensure we continue to support our many Directors and Volunteers who are diligently working behind the scenes to ensure any future planning is done so to promote our agricultural sector’s vitality.


The New Brunswick Fairs and Exhibitions Association would like to thank the many volunteers and Directors that typically make these events a success.  

Thank you

Laurie McNaught, President

On behalf of the  2022-2023 Board of Directors

NB Fairs & Exhibitions Association

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Ally McConchie
Managing Director/Secretary-Treasurer
NB Fairs & Exhibitions Association 
email:  DirectorsNBFEA@gmail.com 
Tel: 506-440-1311

Promoting and Preserving Agriculture in New Brunswick

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